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Alto New Metals

Alto New Metals’ sole focus is critical minerals required for energy storage, electric vehicles and renewable energy. Our strategy involves acquiring, developing and producing critical mineral deposits essential for a renewable and sustainable future. Alto targets nickel, cobalt, manganese, titanium and graphite deposits. Our initial geographical focus is only Türkiye.

Aiming to create the first critical minerals portfolio of Turkish assets.

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Renewable energy

Our sole focus is critical minerals required for energy storage, electric vehicles and renewable energy.

Sustainable practices

Alto is committed to sustainable practices, technological innovation, and responsible resource management.

At Alto New Metals, we believe in the power of critical minerals to drive progress and shape a sustainable future. Our team of experts is dedicated to identifying and developing mineral deposits that are vital for various industries, including clean energy, electronics, and advanced technologies.
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“With a focus on ethical and transparent business practices, we strive to create value for our stakeholders while fostering positive relationships with the communities where we operate.”


Extracting and processing critical minerals

Alto specializes in the extraction and processing of a diverse range of critical minerals, including but not limited to rare earth elements, nickel, cobalt, manganese, titanium, graphite.

These minerals are indispensable components in the manufacturing of batteries, electric vehicles, renewable energy systems, and other high-tech applications critical for a sustainable future.


From initial exploration to full-scale production, each project in Alto is managed with precision, expertise, and an unwavering dedication to environmental responsibility.

What we do?

Certified and reliable elements


The critical status of nickel is often linked to its role in supporting key technologies and industries that are essential for economic and technological development such as alloys, batteries, catalysts, electroplating and magnets.


Manganese is a metal that plays a crucial role in the production of steel and other alloys. It is a key component in the manufacturing of stainless steel, aluminum, and other non-ferrous alloys. These alloys are widely used in industries such as construction, transportation, infrastructure, and machinery.


The criticality of graphite as a mineral stems from its essential role in key industries, including energy storage, metallurgy, and emerging technologies, making it a valuable and strategic resource for many countries. Graphite’s critical mineral status is primarily driven by its essential role in modern technologies, particularly in energy storage systems like lithium-ion batteries.


Cobalt is a critical mineral that plays a significant role in various industries, particularly in the fields of technology and energy. It is classified as a critical mineral due to its importance in the production of rechargeable batteries, especially those used in electric vehicles (EVs) and portable electronic devices.


The critical nature of titanium stems from its irreplaceability in certain high-tech applications and the limited availability of economically viable sources. It plays a crucial role in several key industries, including aerospace, defense, automotive, and renewable energy.

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Reach out to Alto to learn more about our projects, partnerships, or any other inquiries. We welcome collaboration with like-minded organizations, investors, and stakeholders who share our vision for a sustainable and technologically advanced future.


Ginza Plaza Seyitnizam Mah.Mevlana Cad. 81/83F Kat:8 Zeytinburnu istanbul / Türkiye


+90 212 665 48 20


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Ginza Plaza
Seyitnizam Mah.
Mevlana Cad. 81/83F Kat:8
Zeytinburnu istanbul Türkiye

T: +90 212 665 48 20